True Pursuit of Happiness Reality Melvin’s Story

Pursuit of Happiness

You may be familiar with that Will Smith movie called “Pursuit of Happiness“.  The sad reality is many in America are trying hard to stay positive and pursue their dream but are not able to.

While watching YouTube I stumbled across a gentleman by the name Melvin.  I had to create a blog post about his story because he seems like an amazing person facing the most discriminative reality.  Take a look at a short clip of his struggles.  Continue reading this post to see a more detailed video of how hard it is for him to find work.  Clearly in his full documentary, Melvin is trying his hardest to chase his pursuit of happiness; however, people have been getting in the way of his dreams.

Everyone Poor Is Not Lazy

The truth is not everyone facing hard times want’s to live under those circumstances.  When I had a chance to watch the full Melvin documentary here it blew me away how educated he was and how companies don’t want to give him a chance.  Having to look for work and not have a steady income in the process is very hard.

It takes money to keep a vehicle to drive to work on time.  As I continued to watch Melvin’s documentary he goes on to say his car was impounded.  What made his story even worse was that he didn’t have any family to support him in his time of struggle.  And this was due to the fact that his parents struggled as well while raising them.

Will Smith Movie Clip Pursuit of Happiness


Has It Been Easy for You to Find Work?

Has it been easy for you to find work?  I find it strange that at a time when more companies are closing more and more people are getting hired but oddly certain people still can’t land a job.  Perhaps a form of spiritual discrimination is taking place.

What To Do When All Doors Are Closing In On You?

When you find yourself in a situation where all doors are closing in on you the best thing to do is never stop learning, seek assistance in any way, and stay relevant.  You are important no matter how many jobs tell you no.

You also want to consider finding a different way to make money online and offline.  Mowing lawns, cutting hair, and babysitting still works as far as making side money.

The Goal

The ultimate goal is for you to know how to survive without a job.  I wish I would have prepared my own mind for this while at my maturing stages.  Imagine your parents teaching you a trade at a young age that you can use in the future to make money.  You wouldn’t be so fearful in stepping out into the real world and really making it on your own.

I recall back in 2017 I took my car to get my windows tinted.  I went early in the morning and to my surprise the young guy tinting the windows had his young 6 or 7-year-old son working with him.  I thought to myself this kid will be prepared for the future.  If your interested in knowing how to get started making money online consider reading more.