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I bet a lot of you reading this blog now have either
heard about Profitable Sunrise or sadly you had to learn
the hard way by getting scammed.  Unfortunately I got scammed
out of 68 dollars and it only tool these scammers about
2 weeks to steal every last red penny in my Profitable
Sunrise account.

Profitable Sunrise is owned my Roman Novak and Nanci Jo
Frazer was the spokes woman for Profitable Sunrise.  She
claimed to be a christian and made the world feel comfortable
with placing large sums of money into a free Profitable Sunrise
account for investing.

Profitable Sunrise offered a high yield return for
investors, which made the investment very attractive.
if you invested 50 dollars for 170 days, you were promised
a return at a 1.6% or 2.7 within 170 days.  Sadly investors
put thousands and millions of dollars into this ponzi scheme
and lost everything in a matter of days.

Check out Video Proof Above

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Profitable Sunrise Scam   proof video of  Nanci Jo Frazer