Release Your Inner Entrepreneur Steve Harvey’s Son Did

Jordan Release Date and Black Friday

I see a lot of people fighting over Jordans and many low priced items on Black Friday.  And to be honest it is very sad because that is a poor man’s mentality.  There’s just certain things a person with a boss mentality would never do.  

I wanted to share a success story with you.  And this story is about how Steve Harvey’s son Broderick Harvey and his college buddy/business partner Thabiti Stephens were able to start a business.  They started a successful business called Steps By Stephens.  Their shoe brand is now sold on various online shoe stores like Kicks on Fire and

Why Is It Important to Share Success Stories?

It’s important to share success stories because I believe the success of others is catchy.  I believe new ideas are formed in our own mind after we have seen confirmation of how someone else was able to accomplish their goal or dream.


The Struggle of Trying to Make It Is Real?

After watching the video you may be thinking, their shoe business is successful because they have great support.  While that may be very true that doesn’t limit your make money online potential.  In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be multi-talented or multi-skilled at various things to bring in an income.

Job discrimination is on a high these days, which means although you may be qualified for the position, companies may choose not to hire you for no reason.  To see a true documentary of one man’s struggle finding work as a 28-year-old watch the full documentary here

Be Relentless

How many phone calls will you make to get closer to your freedom?  How many blog posts or blogs pages are you willing to write to get closer to the lifestyle you want?  Once you create a blog for starters you want to have at least 420,000 backlinks pointing to various pages on your blog.  You also want to have at least 25,000 social signals pointing to your blog within one year.  If you don’t get these digits towards the end of the year from blogging you can’t be serious about your online business.  You can check my order services page to see the services I provide.


How Do You Start a Business?

The cool thing about starting a business online is the fact that it is inexpensive to do so.  To open a Franchise would cost you over 100k and to be honest most people just don’t have that type of money.  You can start a blog or website in your favorite niche for FREE.

It doesn’t cost money to start a website.  You can get a Free WordPress blog or you can go with any free website provider of your choice.  I started this blog to spread awareness to the many ways you can earn a living online from home.  I also wrote an ebook called Reveal That DAM SECRET.  You can read more about my ebook here.

In my ebook, I cover how to start a Free blog and how to rank your blog for various keywords that people search for on Google.  I also provide detailed information as to why it is important to use Pinterest to grow your business.

How to make money online starts with the right teaching and tools.  I also provide you with a FREE Pinterest tool to help you automate your Pinterest image posting.  I truly hope you open your mind to becoming an entrepreneur.  If you think this post can benefit someone else be sure to share.