Buy Backlinks that are SEO Backlinks

Why You Need to Buy Backlinks?

You need to buy backlinks because backlinks help build Trust Flow on your website or blog.  Link juice also helps to rank your blog or website.  Getting backlinks from trustworthy sites helps you in many ways.  However, you don’t want 1000s of low power backlinks.

Below I’m offering a backlinking service.  Surprisingly one strong backlink is going to help you rank better than 1000 low quality no power backlinks.  To give you a visual imagine Mike Tyson has to fight 1000 babies.  Who do you think will win?


One thousand low-quality links hold no power compared to one strong backlink.  SEO backlinks will help you build authority.


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How to Know if a Backlink is Strong?

To know if a backlink is powerful you can use a free tool that checks Domain Authority.  This is one of the best free SEO tools to use because it allows you to check up to 25 backlinks at once.  Domain Authority Checker will show you the strength of a backlink.  Take a look at the image below.  To use this tool simply add in a list of URLs and click Go Fetch.

free seo tools

After you click Go Fetch you will see the DA of each site.  This is one of the best small business SEO tools I highly recommend.  By scrolling down the page you will see the DA on the right side.  You can export the results into Excel.  The higher the DA, the more powerful the backlink.

free seo tools1

You can use this tool here.  When you get good at link building by having 1000s of these types of backlinks pointing to your site you will definitely see a huge difference in your Alexa Rankings and you will see Google SERP movement.  The goal would be for you to get these backlinks to index.  By getting them to Index you will be able to hold your ranking positions after your site has done the Google Dance.  Listen to this video below to see a review of Indexification.  Take a look at my Review of Indexification.


Indexification Video Review

Index 1.5 Million Backlinks Sign Up Free

Index 1.5 Million Backlinks Sign Up Free

There are ways to get free backlinks but that is another blog post.  If your someone just testing the waters with your free blog and you want to sample with backlinks I have just the tools for you.  I will leave an update on this blog post in reference to Indexification.  I only paid about $17 dollars and in total, I needed to start the indexing process for over 600,000 backlinks.  I will leave an update in 45 days or so to tell you what my outcome resulted in regards to using Indexification.

UPDATE:  Today’s date is 02/07/19.  I am very satisfied with Indexification.  For those of you who don’t want to pay monthly to index or ping backlinks I’m offering a backlink pinging tool that really works.  You can read more about it here.








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