Online Money Making with Reveal That DAM SECRET!

Why I Created This Guide?

I wrote this ebook to assist the complete newbie on how to build a well-ranking blog online.  You don’t need any money to start blogging.  Many blogging platforms like WordPress allow you to start blogging for free.

Always Do Keyword Research

Every single blog post I write I always do keyword research.  My goal is always to find keywords that have a good search volume in the USA.  I don’t mind ranking worldwide also but I prefer USA targeted traffic.  Once I have found those keywords I write my blog posts and insert my keywords into the blog posts.

Newbie Fail

As simple as this process is the newbie will mess this up in the beginning.  The beginner will start a blog and begin writing about topics that are of interest to himself without first doing keyword research.

This for one is not a good way to start a blog that you wish to get in front of many people.  Sure you may get lucky and possibly use keywords in your posts that people are searching for, but knowing how to do something right the first time is so much better than getting lucky.

Drop Shipping

While I don’t talk about drop shipping in my ebook, I do want to write about it now because it’s a great way to learn how to make money online.  The last time I checked on Amazon they did not allow drop shipping.  They have their reasons why.  If you know how to rank your blog for keywords you will be able to get customers coming to your blog to make a purchase, which will result in you being able to make tons of money.

Drop shipping is cool because you only purchase the product when the customer first buys the product from you.  The below image could be you!

20 year old


How To Make Money By Blogging?

When you hear people saying they make money from blogging, what this means is they found a niche or niches that were of interest to them and they found related keywords and began ranking for those keywords.  From there they became an affiliate for companies about there niche and everytime a buyer purchased through their affiliate link that blogger earned a commission.

Like anything worth fighting for online money making is the same way.  By the end of the year, your goal should be to at least have 1 million quality backlinks and social signals pointing to your blog.  There is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this.

My Video

Once I am completely satisfied with the level of traffic I am obtaining from this blog, I am going to post a video here to give you a detailed idea of what it took to level my blog traffic up.  Get my ebook below by visiting the link above.

Continue Reading Here

Are you new to learning how to make an income over the internet?  Allow this ebook to make online money making easier for you.  How to make online money is achievable if you have the proper resources.  Not everyone starting off online wants to write blogs about making money.  What do you want to write about?  What niche would you like to dominate and make tons of money in?  Continue on with the red text above learn how to make money by blogging.






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